The People’s Shop

Trunkshop is a commerce company building ways for people to prosper in communities everywhere.

How we do it

We build technologies connecting brands, sellers and consumers to make commerce open in communities everywhere.

How we got there

We started Trunkshop by answering one question: how can we help people earn extra income and better their lives? The world is changing and people of all walks of life are searching for new ways to help achieve their goals.  We are answering this question by building a company that opens the world of commerce not for the few but for everyone as a way to prosper.

Why we do it

We believe in a world where commerce is open to everyone, on-demand, helping people prosper and thrive.

What we value


From shoppers looking for quality products at the best price, to people wanting to better their lives, to the creators behind brands, Trunkshop’s goal is to build new ways to commerce together, while strengthening communities.


We believe in individual empowerment, to be in control, to create new paths forward on our own terms, in control of our own lives.


We value creators, go-getters, leaders, self-starters everywhere.


We thrive to be true to our brand, mission, and values. We are honest and as transparent as we can be.

Being Inspired

We do our best, to go above and beyond, to grow, to stay accountable to ourselves and to others, to achieve what we set out to accomplish with spirit and heart.